About Groupe AFFI

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Social entrepreneurship is in our DNA

A social enterprise specializing in industrial subcontracting and logistics outsourcing, Groupe AFFI carries out mandates for clients of all sizes, mainly from the food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and consumer goods sectors. Our activities range from packaging to the distribution of various products, to assembly and warehousing. We also refurbish equipment, particularly in the field of telecoms and IT. Our approximately 650 staff members, the vast majority of whom have functional limitations, work out of our six production sites located in the Montreal and Québec City regions. Showing long-term commitment to the community and our customers, we are proud to be a social enterprise recognized for the rigour, reliability, and exceptional dedication of our teams.

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A story intimately linked to the evolution of the rights of people with functional limitations in Quebec.

Our social commitment has always been a part of who we are.

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To discover AFFI's journey through short stories on themes associated with its evolution: a success story that reminds us that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.


Our vision

As a key player in social entrepreneurship in Quebec, we believe that it is possible to go further by focusing on the potential and strengths specific to each person. From an entrepreneurial perspective, we prove on a daily basis that a successful business model can promote the professional and personal development of our team members, mainly composed of people living with functional limitations.
These values are at the heart of our mission. They guide our actions and interactions, whether within our organization or with our customers and partners.

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Exceeding your limits

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