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Who Benefits from Outsourcing Product Assembly?

Product assembly outsourcing is particularly relevant for a variety of products and industries.

For the food industry, it may involve the packaging of food products, assembling food kits, or preparing promotional displays for retail points of sale.
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In the manufacturing field, outsourcing assembly is ideal for electronic components, automotive parts, or other industrial products that require high precision and quality.

Finally, for consumer goods, this can encompass the packaging of mass consumer products, assembling toys, sports items, or other products intended for the general public. Outsourcing in these areas allows companies to focus on their core business while benefiting from the expertise and efficiency of a specialized partner.

An optimized integration of your projects

Groupe AFFI expresses its know-how in several niches, assembling products as diverse as marine boats, vehicle transport boxes, as well as electronic and electrical devices. The presence of our own engineering team ensures a smooth outsourcing process where collaboration is constant. Our engineers estimate needs and integrate projects by preparing and optimizing production lines. They also assess whether additional equipment will be required and recommend its purchase if necessary. The stability of our staff is another of our distinctive advantages when it comes to assembly activities. The low turnover rate within our teams ensures a constant production rate and the respect of planned deadlines.

What our customers say

What our customers say

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of assembly projects can Groupe AFFI handle?

We manage various assembly projects, from electronic and electrical devices to industrial and mechanical equipment. Our expertise extends across various sectors, including healthcare, food, and manufacturing.

Do you have the necessary equipment for complex projects?

Absolutely. We are equipped to handle both simple and complex assembly projects, thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and our team of skilled engineers.

How do you ensure quality and precision in assembly?

Quality is paramount at Groupe AFFI. We employ stringent quality control processes, and our engineers ensure that each project is executed precisely.

Can you handle seasonal variations or peaks in demand?

Yes, our large production capacity allows us to quickly adapt to seasonal fluctuations and periods of high demand while maintaining consistent quality.

What is your approach to delivery timelines?

We are committed to adhering to agreed-upon delivery timelines. Our low staff turnover and efficient planning enable us to ensure deadlines are met.

How can Groupe AFFI adapt to the specific needs of my project?

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and tailor our services accordingly. Our flexible, client-centric approach allows us to meet your unique requirements effectively.

Can we visit your facilities to see your assembly processes?

Yes, we encourage visits to our facilities so you can see firsthand how we operate. Contact us to arrange a visit.

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