Assemblage sous assemblage

Assembly and sub-assembly

Manual or semi-automated assembly operations occupy an important place in our activities.

We have the experience, equipment, and manpower to carry out simple or more complex projects, including high-volume industrial projects requiring mechanical assembly.

An optimized integration of your projects

Groupe AFFI expresses its know-how in several niches, assembling products as diverse as marine boats, vehicle transport boxes, as well as electronic and electrical devices. The presence of our own engineering team ensures a smooth outsourcing process where collaboration is constant. Our engineers estimate needs and integrate projects by preparing and optimizing production lines. They also assess whether additional equipment will be required and recommend its purchase if necessary. The stability of our staff is another of our distinctive advantages when it comes to assembly activities. The low turnover rate within our teams ensures a constant production rate and the respect of planned deadlines.

What our customers say

What our customers say

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