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Key Beneficiaries of Refurbishment Services

Groupe AFFI's Refurbishment Services are designed to cater to a wide array of industries, providing essential support in extending the life and value of electronic devices.
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Telecommunications Companies: With extensive experience in refurbishing electronic devices for major telecommunications companies, these services are ideal for maintaining and upgrading their vast array of electronic equipment.
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Technology and Electronics Firms: Companies specializing in technology and electronics, including manufacturers of routers, computers, and commercial terminals, can significantly benefit from these refurbishment services to extend the lifecycle of their products.
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Retail and Commercial Businesses: Retailers and commercial entities that use a variety of electronic devices in their operations can utilize these services to refurbish and maintain their equipment, ensuring continued efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
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Environmental and Sustainability-Focused Organizations: Entities focused on environmental sustainability can leverage these services as part of their strategy to reduce electronic waste and promote the circular economy.
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Educational Institutions and Non-Profits: Schools, universities, and non-profit organizations often operate with limited budgets and can benefit from refurbishing existing electronic equipment to extend its usability and reduce costs.
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Healthcare Providers: Healthcare facilities that use electronic devices for various functions can use refurbishment services to ensure their equipment remains functional and up-to-date, without frequent replacements.
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Government and Public Sector Entities: Government offices and public sector institutions requiring regular updates and maintenance of their electronic devices can find these services cost-effective and efficient.

Our Process

As part of the repackaging process, the secure erasure of data is a delicate operation that we carry out with the utmost rigour. Groupe AFFI is also one of the few Quebec companies to hold a R2v3 certification. We are also an authorized service centre for repairing Samsung devices under warranty.

What our customers say

What our customers say

Frequently Asked Questions about Refurbishment Services

What types of electronic devices does Groupe AFFI refurbish?

Groupe AFFI specializes in refurbishing a wide range of electronic devices, including routers, computers, commercial terminals, and other electronic equipment used in different industries.

How does refurbishment contribute to environmental sustainability?

Refurbishment services extend the life of electronic devices, reducing electronic waste and supporting the circular economy. This approach minimizes the environmental impact associated with the disposal and manufacturing of new devices.

Can Groupe AFFI handle large-scale refurbishment projects?

Yes, our experience with major telecommunications companies and other large-scale projects demonstrates our capacity to handle refurbishment tasks of any size, ensuring quality and efficiency.

What is included in the refurbishment process?

Our refurbishment process typically includes inspection, repair, polishing, and painting of appliances, ensuring they are restored to a high standard of functionality and appearance.

Is data security a concern during the refurbishment of electronic devices?

Absolutely. As part of our refurbishment process, we ensure the secure erasure of data from devices, maintaining the highest data security and privacy standards.

Does Groupe AFFI offer any certifications or guarantees with its refurbishment services?

Groupe AFFI holds R2v3 certification, reflecting our commitment to responsible refurbishment practices. We also serve as an authorized service center for repairing Samsung devices under warranty, ensuring high service standards.

How does Groupe AFFI ensure the quality of refurbished devices?

We employ stringent quality control processes throughout the refurbishment cycle. Our team of skilled technicians ensures that each device is restored to meet specific functional and aesthetic standards.

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