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Who is AFFI Group

Groupe AFFI is a social enterprise specializing in industrial subcontracting and operational outsourcing. It carries out mandates for customers in various sectors, including food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and consumer retail. Its activities include packaging, distribution, assembly, warehousing and equipment refurbishment, mainly in the telecoms and IT sectors.  With around 650 employees, the majority of whom have functional limitations, Groupe AFFI is spread over four production sites in the Montreal and Quebec City regions. The company is renowned for the rigor, reliability and exceptional commitment of its teams. You can follow us on:

Our address : Boucherville

1730 Rue Eiffel, Boucherville, QC J4B 7W1, Canada

Our Boucherville location

The Boucherville (Montérégie) site is not only an important hub for Groupe AFFI's operations but it also houses the company's head office. This location has been in existence since 2009.
  • Location name: Boucherville
  • Number of employees: 225 on 2 shifts
  • Surface area: 103,000 square feet
This strategic location combines key administrative functions with production operations, reflecting the company's commitment to efficiency and innovation. The Boucherville head office symbolizes the company's mission, integrating industrial operations and support for employees, particularly those with functional limitations. It is a vital center for the coordination, planning and implementation of corporate strategies, underlining Groupe AFFI's inclusive and socially responsible approach.


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